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The Method Writers

2in_300dpiDreamer Publications is excited to announce its acquisition of the publishing rights for the Rogues Gallery Writers group novel, The Method Writers, previously published in hardcover by ClearView Press. The Rogues Gallery Writers are a close-nit, private writing group, who, between them, have accumulated over 30 writing awards and have amassed nearly as many publications.

The Rogues, comprised of Bridget Callaghan, Michael Ray King, Nancy Quatrano, and Jeff Swesky, are as unique and diverse as they are skilled. Collectively, the Rogues cover the writing gamut with published works in various formats such as novels, short stories, essays, memoirs, serials, and poetry. Their fiction covers a variety of genres including literary fiction, satire, humor, mystery, crime, neo noir, science fiction, romance, experimental, and so on.


Their first group novel, The Method Writers, is a special collaboration where each author created a first person character. All four characters are in a writers group together. During a meeting, they come up with the concept of method writing: a method acting approach toward the writing process to help them add realism to their individual writing projects. Their mundane lives are replaced by the outrageous, and each is plunged into a journey they never dreamed possible.

More details about The Method Writers and its new publication date will be made available in the near future. Meanwhile, there’s a limited supply of the original hardcovers floating around out there. Pick them up while you can as they’re sure to become collector’s items.


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