March 22, 2016 WPadmin

Introducing the Rogues . . .

The Dreamer Publications team is busy working on the design for the paperback release of the Rogues Gallery Writers’ group novel, The Method Writers, and we hope to have a release date for you soon. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to the mysterious Rogues writers group.

While we plan to have more posts in the near future to introduce each of the Rogues individually, along with posts about the characters they’ve each created for The Method Writers, we initially want to share a video that they had created a few years back when they were working on the novel’s concept.

This video, we feel, is the best way to introduce you to the Rogues Gallery Writers, their novel, their high level of creativity, their strong sense of humor, and their self-admitted “lack of any acting ability whatsoever.” We hope you enjoy their “mockumentary,” Behind the Prose:


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