April 13, 2016 WPadmin

Tax Relief! By Way of Free Kindle Books

Maybe it’s not the kind of tax relief you were hoping for this tax season, but your friends at Dreamer Publications would like to offer our titles as free Kindle downloads this weekend, starting on Friday, April 15 and continuing through Sunday, April 17. The following titles will be available as free Kindle downloads during that period (click on the book cover or title/author link to directly access each title’s Kindle page):

fell-on-black-daysFell on Black Days by Jeff Swesky – As it goes, there are writers who can convey an original idea. There are writers who can describe environments in great detail. But every so often, a writer comes along who can transcend the information on the page to give the reader a unique experience. Jeff Swesky’s Fell on Black Days is a rare creation that accomplishes this feat, transporting the reader into a world of human emotion that is seldom achieved. In the twelve stories featured in this collection, Jeff explores dark and subversive themes that, while appearing foreign at first, become hauntingly familiar.

Flight From Fear by Rabbi Samuel Cywiak – Near the end of August 1939, aflight-from-fear nineteen-year-old rabbinical student by the name of Samuel Cywiak returned home to Wyszków, Poland to visit his family for the high holidays; the most solemn and important period in the Jewish calendar. Days later Germany invaded Poland, initiating the start of World War II. Shortly after the occupation of Wyszków, the Nazis marched Samuel and his father, along with a group of nearly seventy teachers and leaders from their shtetl, into the woods across from the Bug River. Thanks to the actions of his father, Samuel was the sole survivor of a mass execution. This event initiated his “flight” to flee the Nazis and reunite with the rest of his family.

sheShe by Bridget Callaghan – We’ve been there–the delicate age of growing up and trying to figure out who we are and where we belong. We want our independence, but so desperately crave love and comfort from our parents. Bridget Callaghan explores this curious journey that teeters between tears and laughter with raw honesty and charm. Pulled from her experiences as a young girl, this autobiographical collection captures the essence of immaturity in all of its beauty and pain.

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