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Introducing the Rogues’ Bridget Callaghan

A few posts ago, we gave you an introduction to the Rogues Gallery Writers, the authors of our upcoming paperback release of The Method Writers, via their mockumentary, Behind the Prose. Now we’d like to introduce you to each of the Rogues individually, starting with our very own She author, Bridget Callaghan.

bridget-altBridget Callaghan is a member of Michigan Writers and Rogues Gallery Writers. She has her Masters in Clinical Social Work.

She is the former editor/writer/owner of Coquina Coast Woman Magazine, LLC (2009-2010). Her other works include Thornetta: The Musical (co-author) and She, her first compilation of short stories. Currently, Bridget is working on a memoir entitled Chicken Pumpkin due in 2017.

Author website: www.BridgetCallaghan.com

For The Method Writers, Bridget created the delightfully quirky loner, Georgie Mae Perez, a character who would prefer to introduce herself:

Georgie Mae Perez

“There’s not much to say about my life . . . yet. I’m not old enough to have anything really interesting happen. I’m a loner, I don’t like a lot of people and anything I say is my own version of myself. Which may or may not be a lie. So, you can look at my words, my descriptions and concoct your own interpretation of who I am.”

The following excerpt from The Method Writers is from Georgie Mae’s perspective and was written by Bridget Callaghan:

I can feel the metal of the gun in between my butt cheeks as I cross Blackfoot Street and bee-line it to First Trust Bank. It’s amazing what the brain can do under extreme duress and adrenaline.

Georgie considers “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by the Bauhaus to be her personal theme song. Listen to it below in its entirely to get further into the mindset of Bridget Callaghan’s enigmatic character, The Method Writers‘ Georgie Mae Perez:

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