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Introducing the Rogues’ Nancy Quatrano



Nancy Quatrano is an award-winning writer, an editor, speaker, and business owner. She’s presented workshops to writer’s and women’s groups from New Jersey to Florida. In addition to fiction writing, she owns and operates On-Target Words, a professional writing service that specializes in content editing, press releases, article writing, and specialty publishing. Her first novel, Murder in Black and White, was published in 2015.

Author website: www.NLQuatrano.com

For The Method Writers, Nancy created a beautiful, nurturing, and ambitious young woman by the name of Dorian Nettle:

Dorian Nettle

Dorian Nettle is a thirty-six year-old journalist and cautious novelist; the daughter of a professional escort and adopted daughter of two Tulane professors who adore her – and each other. With a passion for justice that runs deeper than the Mississippi, the New Orlean’s-raised woman calls Daytona Beach, Florida home where she can stay in touch with her writing friends, Georgie Mae Perez, David Haas, and Marty Pitchford and his adorable daughter Annabelle.

An excerpt of Dorian Nettle’s story written by Nancy Quatrano from The Method Writers:

His sigh is heartbreaking. He looks at me, reaches his right hand to take my left and I give it to him. “You’ve already decided to save the hookers, haven’t you?”

He doesn’t understand because I’ve never told him the truth.

“Damned straight, Detective.”

“Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks is Dorian Nettle’s personal theme song:

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