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Introducing the Rogues’ Jeff Swesky

MP9637drm20win55Jeff Swesky is an award-winning author, playwright, and ghostwriter as well as an Amazon bestseller. He specializes in writing dark and subversive literary fiction, where the characters balance a fine line between redemption and destruction. Jeff’s fiction has been published in various collections and his first solo collection of fiction, Fell on Black Days, was published in print and digitally in the fall of 2014. His coming-of-age literary novel, Such a Dreamer, which explores the seedy escort service industry of South Florida, will be published in the near future.

Author website:

For The Method Writers, Jeff created a disturbed, desperate, and down-on-his luck writer by the name of David Haas:

David Haas

Struggling author David Haas is haunted by his former life as a big-time New York magazine editor and fiancé to a gorgeous runway model. Now in his early thirties, David, with no job, no fiancée, and very little means, is living in Florida to help care of his ailing mother. He has fallen in love with his sexy neighbor, Maria, loathes her abusive boyfriend, Franco, and depends on his ambitious writers group, The Rogues Gallery Writers, to keep him from losing his mind.

Needing inspiration for the vigilante Kenny Black, the lead character of his stalled novel Fade to Black, David devises a plan that is either a spark of genius….or sheer insanity.

An excerpt of David Haas’ story written by Jeff Swesky from the Rogues Gallery Writers’ novel, The Method Writers:

I go against my better judgment and listen to my fictional friend — a persona that keeps dripping into my blood, haunting my thoughts, fighting for control . . .

How much is Kenny Black becoming my true alter ego?

“Angry Chair” by Alice In Chains is David Haas’ personal theme song:

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