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Introducing the Rogues’ Michael Ray King

Michael Ray King 300dpiMichael Ray King is an award winning author, speaker, and book coach/consultant. His workshop, Write Your Book in 30 Days, has helped over 100 people achieve their dream of writing a book. Now offered online as a live webinar, the five-week workshop walks writers through a positive structure that can be used over and over. Michael writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He has nine books in print with a tenth book currently in edit.

Author website:

For The Method Writers, Michael created a sensitive, handsome, and intelligent young businessman by the name of Marty Pitchford:

Marty Pitchford

Marty Pitchford is wound up tight. He works hard, makes great money, loves to write, and lives in a wonderful home. However, his wife lives a nymphomaniac life which seldom includes him. Their five-year-old daughter, too often, gets caught between Marty’s work hours and Mommy’s pleasure time. Marty also has ideas. He avidly works toward things he desires to accomplish, not the least of which is writing his breakout novel. Good thing he has friends, crazy as they may be . . .

An excerpt of Marty Pitchford’s story written by Michael Ray King from the Rogues Gallery Writers’ novel, The Method Writers:

My legs are lead sticks. I want to run but I can’t move. I watch. I see their lips, slow-motion passion searing my eyes and heart. I feel desire. I want what they have. I hate myself for a moment. Then I want it more.

“Mistral Wind” by Heart is Marty Pitchford’s theme song:

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