Dreamer Publications is looking for well-written and edited manuscripts by new authors with strong voices and fresh perspectives.

Dreamer Publications is primarily interested in the following genres:

FictionLiterary novels (especially those that incorporate some of the following elements: anti-heroes, dark humor or satire, social issues, and unconventional plots or story lines,) themed short story collections, coming-of-age, historical fiction, neo-noir, crime or hard-boiled noir, near future science-fiction, horror, experimental fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction (as long as it incorporates fresh ideas,) and graphic novels.

Non-fictionNarrative non-fiction, memoirs that contain some social or historical significance, and themed collections of essays or stories.

We’re not currently interested in the following:

Romance, erotica, westerns, thrillers, adventure, fantasy, mystery, police procedurals, young adult, chick lit, children’s books, poetry collections, biographies, travel, textbooks, education, cookbooks, health & fitness, dieting, spirituality, how-to books, or self-help.

The following are required for the submission form:

  • Your name, email address, manuscript title and genre.
  • A brief query of no more than 500 words (copy and paste into form)
  • Submission package that will contain a cover page with contact information, a one-page synopsis, and the first three chapters of manuscript. All text should be double-spaced. The file needs to be in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.
  • Be sure that all of your content is proofread and edited before submitting.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for our response.