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Cover Design and Publication Date for “The Method Writers” Paperback Release Revealed

Dreamer Publications is excited to announced that the paperback version of The Method Writers, a darkly funny group novel written by the Rogues Gallery Writers, will be released on Monday, July 11th!

Today we’re also unveiling the brilliant cover design that Matt McCormick created for this release:




Starting on June 27th, five paperback copies will be offered as a Goodreads Book Giveaway. Enter here:


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Method Writers by Rogues Gallery Writers

The Method Writers

by Rogues Gallery Writers

Giveaway ends July 05, 2016.

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Introducing the Rogues’ Jeff Swesky

MP9637drm20win55Jeff Swesky is an award-winning author, playwright, and ghostwriter as well as an Amazon bestseller. He specializes in writing dark and subversive literary fiction, where the characters balance a fine line between redemption and destruction. Jeff’s fiction has been published in various collections and his first solo collection of fiction, Fell on Black Days, was published in print and digitally in the fall of 2014. His coming-of-age literary novel, Such a Dreamer, which explores the seedy escort service industry of South Florida, will be published in the near future.

Author website: www.JeffSwesky.com

For The Method Writers, Jeff created a disturbed, desperate, and down-on-his luck writer by the name of David Haas:

David Haas

Struggling author David Haas is haunted by his former life as a big-time New York magazine editor and fiancé to a gorgeous runway model. Now in his early thirties, David, with no job, no fiancée, and very little means, is living in Florida to help care of his ailing mother. He has fallen in love with his sexy neighbor, Maria, loathes her abusive boyfriend, Franco, and depends on his ambitious writers group, The Rogues Gallery Writers, to keep him from losing his mind.

Needing inspiration for the vigilante Kenny Black, the lead character of his stalled novel Fade to Black, David devises a plan that is either a spark of genius….or sheer insanity.

An excerpt of David Haas’ story written by Jeff Swesky from the Rogues Gallery Writers’ novel, The Method Writers:

I go against my better judgment and listen to my fictional friend — a persona that keeps dripping into my blood, haunting my thoughts, fighting for control . . .

How much is Kenny Black becoming my true alter ego?

“Angry Chair” by Alice In Chains is David Haas’ personal theme song:

Introducing the Rogues’ Michael Ray King

Michael Ray King 300dpiMichael Ray King is an award winning author, speaker, and book coach/consultant. His workshop, Write Your Book in 30 Days, has helped over 100 people achieve their dream of writing a book. Now offered online as a live webinar, the five-week workshop walks writers through a positive structure that can be used over and over. Michael writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He has nine books in print with a tenth book currently in edit.

Author website: www.MichaelRayKing.com

For The Method Writers, Michael created a sensitive, handsome, and intelligent young businessman by the name of Marty Pitchford:

Marty Pitchford

Marty Pitchford is wound up tight. He works hard, makes great money, loves to write, and lives in a wonderful home. However, his wife lives a nymphomaniac life which seldom includes him. Their five-year-old daughter, too often, gets caught between Marty’s work hours and Mommy’s pleasure time. Marty also has ideas. He avidly works toward things he desires to accomplish, not the least of which is writing his breakout novel. Good thing he has friends, crazy as they may be . . .

An excerpt of Marty Pitchford’s story written by Michael Ray King from the Rogues Gallery Writers’ novel, The Method Writers:

My legs are lead sticks. I want to run but I can’t move. I watch. I see their lips, slow-motion passion searing my eyes and heart. I feel desire. I want what they have. I hate myself for a moment. Then I want it more.

“Mistral Wind” by Heart is Marty Pitchford’s theme song:

Introducing the Rogues’ Nancy Quatrano



Nancy Quatrano is an award-winning writer, an editor, speaker, and business owner. She’s presented workshops to writer’s and women’s groups from New Jersey to Florida. In addition to fiction writing, she owns and operates On-Target Words, a professional writing service that specializes in content editing, press releases, article writing, and specialty publishing. Her first novel, Murder in Black and White, was published in 2015.

Author website: www.NLQuatrano.com

For The Method Writers, Nancy created a beautiful, nurturing, and ambitious young woman by the name of Dorian Nettle:

Dorian Nettle

Dorian Nettle is a thirty-six year-old journalist and cautious novelist; the daughter of a professional escort and adopted daughter of two Tulane professors who adore her – and each other. With a passion for justice that runs deeper than the Mississippi, the New Orlean’s-raised woman calls Daytona Beach, Florida home where she can stay in touch with her writing friends, Georgie Mae Perez, David Haas, and Marty Pitchford and his adorable daughter Annabelle.

An excerpt of Dorian Nettle’s story written by Nancy Quatrano from The Method Writers:

His sigh is heartbreaking. He looks at me, reaches his right hand to take my left and I give it to him. “You’ve already decided to save the hookers, haven’t you?”

He doesn’t understand because I’ve never told him the truth.

“Damned straight, Detective.”

“Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks is Dorian Nettle’s personal theme song:

Introducing the Rogues’ Bridget Callaghan

A few posts ago, we gave you an introduction to the Rogues Gallery Writers, the authors of our upcoming paperback release of The Method Writers, via their mockumentary, Behind the Prose. Now we’d like to introduce you to each of the Rogues individually, starting with our very own She author, Bridget Callaghan.

bridget-altBridget Callaghan is a member of Michigan Writers and Rogues Gallery Writers. She has her Masters in Clinical Social Work.

She is the former editor/writer/owner of Coquina Coast Woman Magazine, LLC (2009-2010). Her other works include Thornetta: The Musical (co-author) and She, her first compilation of short stories. Currently, Bridget is working on a memoir entitled Chicken Pumpkin due in 2017.

Author website: www.BridgetCallaghan.com

For The Method Writers, Bridget created the delightfully quirky loner, Georgie Mae Perez, a character who would prefer to introduce herself:

Georgie Mae Perez

“There’s not much to say about my life . . . yet. I’m not old enough to have anything really interesting happen. I’m a loner, I don’t like a lot of people and anything I say is my own version of myself. Which may or may not be a lie. So, you can look at my words, my descriptions and concoct your own interpretation of who I am.”

The following excerpt from The Method Writers is from Georgie Mae’s perspective and was written by Bridget Callaghan:

I can feel the metal of the gun in between my butt cheeks as I cross Blackfoot Street and bee-line it to First Trust Bank. It’s amazing what the brain can do under extreme duress and adrenaline.

Georgie considers “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by the Bauhaus to be her personal theme song. Listen to it below in its entirely to get further into the mindset of Bridget Callaghan’s enigmatic character, The Method Writers‘ Georgie Mae Perez:

Tax Relief! By Way of Free Kindle Books

Maybe it’s not the kind of tax relief you were hoping for this tax season, but your friends at Dreamer Publications would like to offer our titles as free Kindle downloads this weekend, starting on Friday, April 15 and continuing through Sunday, April 17. The following titles will be available as free Kindle downloads during that period (click on the book cover or title/author link to directly access each title’s Kindle page):

fell-on-black-daysFell on Black Days by Jeff Swesky – As it goes, there are writers who can convey an original idea. There are writers who can describe environments in great detail. But every so often, a writer comes along who can transcend the information on the page to give the reader a unique experience. Jeff Swesky’s Fell on Black Days is a rare creation that accomplishes this feat, transporting the reader into a world of human emotion that is seldom achieved. In the twelve stories featured in this collection, Jeff explores dark and subversive themes that, while appearing foreign at first, become hauntingly familiar.

Flight From Fear by Rabbi Samuel Cywiak – Near the end of August 1939, aflight-from-fear nineteen-year-old rabbinical student by the name of Samuel Cywiak returned home to Wyszków, Poland to visit his family for the high holidays; the most solemn and important period in the Jewish calendar. Days later Germany invaded Poland, initiating the start of World War II. Shortly after the occupation of Wyszków, the Nazis marched Samuel and his father, along with a group of nearly seventy teachers and leaders from their shtetl, into the woods across from the Bug River. Thanks to the actions of his father, Samuel was the sole survivor of a mass execution. This event initiated his “flight” to flee the Nazis and reunite with the rest of his family.

sheShe by Bridget Callaghan – We’ve been there–the delicate age of growing up and trying to figure out who we are and where we belong. We want our independence, but so desperately crave love and comfort from our parents. Bridget Callaghan explores this curious journey that teeters between tears and laughter with raw honesty and charm. Pulled from her experiences as a young girl, this autobiographical collection captures the essence of immaturity in all of its beauty and pain.

“The Method Writers” Release Update

Dreamer Publications is planning to release the paperback version of The Method Writers written by the Rogues Gallery Writers this coming June; just in time for your summer vacation beach reading. An exact publication date will announced in the near future.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the four authors (Bridget Callaghan, Michael Ray King, Nancy Quatrano, and Jeff Swesky) of the group novel by clicking on their names above for their individual websites or visiting their collective blog, www.themethodwriters.com.

Introducing the Rogues . . .

The Dreamer Publications team is busy working on the design for the paperback release of the Rogues Gallery Writers’ group novel, The Method Writers, and we hope to have a release date for you soon. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to the mysterious Rogues writers group.

While we plan to have more posts in the near future to introduce each of the Rogues individually, along with posts about the characters they’ve each created for The Method Writers, we initially want to share a video that they had created a few years back when they were working on the novel’s concept.

This video, we feel, is the best way to introduce you to the Rogues Gallery Writers, their novel, their high level of creativity, their strong sense of humor, and their self-admitted “lack of any acting ability whatsoever.” We hope you enjoy their “mockumentary,” Behind the Prose:


Goodreads Giveaway for “Fell on Black Days”

Do you prefer your fiction with a sharp, dark edge to it? Jeff Swesky’s Fell on Black Days may contain the right amount of grit and mayhem for you. His neo-noir collection of fiction captures the internal and external struggles of his characters in a style that’s both intense and refreshing to leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

Dreamer Publications will be giving away 3 autographed copies of Jeff Swesky’s impressive debut collection as a Goodreads Giveaway. The giveaway begins tomorrow, January 28th, and will end Friday, February 5th.

* IMPORTANT: Before entering this giveaway, please understand that this collection contains adult themes, dark humor, satire, and anti-heroes. If you’re looking for feel-good stories or sappy happy endings, this collection may not be for you.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Fell on Black Days by Jeff Swesky

Fell on Black Days

by Jeff Swesky

Giveaway ends February 05, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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