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fell-on-black-daysAs it goes, there are writers who can convey an original idea. There are writers who can describe environments in great detail. But every so often, a writer comes along who can transcend the information on the page to give the reader a unique experience. Jeff Swesky’s “Fell on Black Days” is a rare creation that accomplishes this feat, transporting the reader into a world of human emotion that is seldom achieved. In the twelve stories featured in this collection, Jeff explores dark and subversive themes that, while appearing foreign at first, become hauntingly familiar.

In the gripping satire “The American Scream,” a husband and father of two in pursuit of the American Dream succumbs to the mounting pressures of work, society, and home life and unravels in a tragic way. A recovering alcoholic witnesses a terrible accident in “The Urge,” which forces him to confront his fears and a chilling secret about his past. A government software tester is given the assignment to test a new top secret military application, only to discover that the software is actually testing him in “The Sentry Suite, Version 1.0.”

Within each story, Jeff Swesky captures the internal and external struggles of his characters in a style that’s both intense and refreshing to leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. In an unfair, unforgiving, and often uncaring world, his characters must face their fears and demons to balance the fine line between redemption and destruction.

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